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Freelance Photographer Leslie E. Kossoff

Leslie E. Kossoff is a Freelance Photographer based out of the Washington DC area. She offers quality work at competitive rates to media and corporate clients. She also shoots various types of portraits including executive, personal & family portraits.

Kossoff's strength is her flexibility to cover many different situations with great skill and super outcomes.  Her acalades run deep.  She has been freelancing in the Washington, DC area since 1992, covering a wide variety of topics.

Corporate PR: 
Kossoff has been supplying companies of all sizes with quality photography for years.  She is especially skilled in turning client's ideas into exactly what they had envisioned.  She is able to supply her clients with any type of photography they need, from set-up photos for their websites, brochures and more to event coverage.

Political/Government:  Leslie E. Kossoff has been covering Capitol Hill, the White House, federal and local governments for over 20 years.  Through her freelance work for Associated Press, Agence France Press, and Polaris Images, her work has appeared in newspapers and magazines around the world.  She covers legislative events and lobbying days for her corporate and association clients.

Corporate Portraits:  Leslie E. Kossoff uses a variety of lighting from what's available to extensive studio lighting to create exceptional portraits.  Whether you want to choose from a large selection of backdrops or have something more environmental, the results will be exception.

Associations/Non-Profit Organizations:  Kossoff has worked with associations and non-profit organizations of all kinds.  She frequently covers everything from lobbying days on the hill, conferences, panel discussions, receptions, dinners and a whole host of other events.

Family Portraits:  Kossoff is very skilled at making people feel at ease.  One complement she frequently gets is the person likes the photo better than their wedding portrait.  She is especially good working with children.  She can even bring out a smile in the most distracted children and adults.  Kossoff is great at working with people who are camera shy, and frequently feel they "don't take great pictures."

Animal Portraits:  Leslie E. Kossoff loves animals and this comes out in the photos she has taken of them.  She has 3 dogs and 2 cats and would love to come photograph your pets.

Major credit cards accepted.

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Leslie E. Kossoff has freelanced for various publications and companies in the Washington, DC area since 1992. Kossoff was working as a staff photographer for a daily newspaper in Manassas, Virginia when she decided to venture out and pursue a full-time freelance career.

Since then, she has worked for the mainstream media as well as various public, private and non-profit organizations. Her work has been seen in various publications, both large and small, worldwide. Kossoff's style is heavily influenced by her work as a Photojournalist and is reflective and documentary in nature. Kossoff is a very talented portrait photographer. Over the years she has shot hundreds of portraits, both executive and formal portraits, as well as environmental, personal and family portraits, and animal portraits.

Kossoff received her undergraduate degree from Boston University in 1992 with a BS degree in Photojournalism. She is a member of the Senate Press Photographers Gallery, with credentials on Capitol Hill. Kossoff is an active member of the White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA), National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), Women Photojournalists of Washington (WPOW) and Women Business Owners of Montgomery County (WBO). She was an invited guest lecturer at the National Press Club, WHNPA High School Seminar, Frederick Camera Club, Gaithersburg Camera Club and NIH Camera Club.

Nordby uses all types of equipment to capture her images, including various types of studio lights and backdrops, as needed. Kossoff can come to your location and set up studio equipment.


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Leslie E. Kossoff
Washington, DC area, Gaithersburg, MD


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